The Superstars !

The Superstars
World may say that Indians are movie crazy people and they don’t have any taste of good movies. Yes! We proudly accept that we are crazy about movies & we have our own taste for it. That’s why we keep on watching every new release with a confidence that this is going to be the best! And even after watching it, we don’t lose our hope & wait for the next release. And that’s how the blockbusters are created. We believe that creating a blockbuster is our responsibility & not the movie maker’s! But off course, we do it with a reason. Our superstars are not the mere entertainers for us. Our superstars are part of our life. Though we fail at every point in our life, we don’t want our superstars to fail. They have shown us the brighter side of life which earlier we had seen only in our dreams. It’s the life which is full of love, full of happiness, full of life! Today let us talk about some of our superstars who made our life happier.
Raj Kapoor
A Hero of a time when the term “Superstar” did not exist. A Hero of our grandfather’s generation. He was undoubtedly one of the finest filmmakers of this country. He sought filmmaking as an art & not as a mere profession. His ventures such as Aag, Aah, Awara, Shree 420,Jagte Raho ,Chori Chori, Barsat,Sangam & offcourse Mera naam Joker perfectly displays his outstanding sense of human emotions, relations, kindness & compassion. One of his noticeable achievements was, he never created any larger than life characters still his every character tells something about life. There was something different about this showman. He had an ability to see those uncommon emotions in a common man. In all his movies, one can feel the silent voice of pain in his character which is the voice of common man. Maybe that was the reason people used to relate themselves with his movies. Though Raj Kapoor was not our generation hero, he was definitely one of the reasons for our attraction towards movies.
At about 1990, Mera Naam Joker was re-released. It was surprising to know that, this movie was a disaster on Box office when it released first time. But maybe, Mera Naam Joker is the only movie which was flop in its first attempt but was a Blockbuster whenever it was re-released. Maybe the concept of movie was much ahead of its time. Raj Kapoor gently took out the mask from a joker’s face and showed the true face behind that mask. A face which was full of tears! Maybe audience was not prepared to see that face. Slowly Raj Kapoor’s expressive eyes convinced them. And the movie got its due appreciation. But now the Joker was not there to acknowledge the appreciation .He was gone to the world of stars. Only his few words were there, “kal khel me hum ho na ho, gardish me tare rahenege sadaaa…bhuloge tum, bhulenge log …par hum tumhare rahenge sadaaa”.
Dev Anand
If a survey is done to find out Dev Anand’s popularity in our parents’ generation, most probably we will get positive result. But if a question is asked that why did you like Dev Anand? Was it for his looks, his style or his acting? The answer is difficult to predict. Maybe most of them will fail to answer. Sometimes we unknowingly start liking someone just for his charm. Dev Anand was a pleasant personality. Someone we always like to be with. His unconventional screen presence was always desirable. One can’t be a successful hero just because he is running around trees with beautiful ladies & Mohammad Rafi or Kishor Kumar is singing for him in background. Otherwise every second hero would have been superstar.
Dev Anand rarely portrayed any realistic character. But his liveliness in every character made him different from others. He was a romantic fantasy for audience. Someone who is smart, charming & extremely lovable.
By all means Dev Anand lived for film industry. He was involved in film making till his last breath. One can’t imagine was it his passion for cinema or he just can’t stop loving himself? Whatever… Dev Anand was a part of golden era of Hindi cinema. And he never really came out of that era.
Amitabh Bacchan
Some years ago, Every Saturday night at 9.30, there used to be a hindi film on Doordarshan. Out of many films, one should remember all Amitabh Bacchhan starrer movies seen on those Saturday nights. Janjeer,Trishul,Majboor,Deewar,Kala Patthar, Kabhi Kabhi,Silsila,Abhimaan,Don,Namak Haram,Namak Halal,Mukkadar Ka Sikandar & off course Sholay !!. And there lies the root cause of my love towards movies. With due respect to all great filmmakers & actors in India, I am making a brave statement now,
“Had there been no Amitabh Bacchhan & No Salim-Javed, Hindi cinema wouldn’t have experienced such a glory as it is experiencing today!!!”
Am I making sense here? Probably lot of guys will disagree with me. But honestly try to rewind that period 1970s without Amitabh Bacchhan. Are we really able to rewind? His looks, his style, his voice, his dialogue delivery, everything was iconic. His every character somewhere portrayed the frustration of the generation after independence. Maybe that’s why he was called “Angry young man”. Sometimes I feel, this was the other side of Raj Kapoor’s common man. Beyond the romance & melodious songs, somewhere the manly ness was missing in Hindi Cinema. I think, Amitabh Bacchhan brought that manly ness! (“Purusharth” in Marathi). He was such a versatile actor, that he has given iconic scenes in every type. He showed a great sense of comedy in the cricket commentary scene of Namak Halal or the Mirror scene in Amar Akbar Anthony, He showed his emotional side in the climax scene of Deewar or very recently in Baghban , His action scenes in Trishul or Deewar or Don are simply amazing. Forget about the commercial success of his solo movies, Wasn’t Rajesh Khanna’s “Anand” incomplete without “Babu Moshay”? Though undoubtedly Anand is one of the best written & performed character ever, somewhere it was Babu Moshay’s silence which made Anand more lovable. And Amitabh was a perfect fit for that character. Amitabh’s originality in performance was his greatest strength.
It’s time for one more brave statement,
“Let the remakes happen & let them be very successful, but one thing is sure, there can’t be any other Vijay Dinanath Chavvan nor even Don!”
To be continued….

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