The Youth

The Youth
Where is today’s youth? Working in MNCs & waiting for their increments, incentives OR Sitting
in coffee shops, multiplexes with their friends OR some of them in colleges preparing for GRE or
Tofel, in short finding the ways to get out of this country OR if you still can’t find them ,search
them on Facebook. I don’t have figures, but majority of youth is at one of the above 4 places.
Well…we are a free country & everyone has a right to do whatever he wants. Even I am sitting
at one of these above places. But I have few questions which I never asked. Today I am going to
ask these questions to myself. Let’s see, how best the youth in me can answer.
First question, When I was in college , Why not for single time I thought about appearing for
UPSC or other civil services exams ?
Well, I came from a middle class family with a very average intellectual level. How can I pass this
But then my performance in school & college was decent throughout. Why did I assume that I
can’t pass UPSC ?
Well….It needs a hard work & dedication.
But then I was never lazy about studies. I could have done that hardwork.
Well….My parents wanted me to complete my degree .
Offcourse, they wanted it. But did they ever stop me from thinking about UPSC?
Not Really….
Then Why I didn’t go for UPSC?
Actually…who the hell wants to go for this government jobs yaar ? I was very clear. I will simply
get my degree & then will fly to UK or US. Who wants to live in this country? I have seen my
father doing government job. I know what problems he faced due to dirty politics.
But did my father run away?
No he didn’t. He served there for 30 years maintaining his dignity & core values.
Then why I didn’t go for it?
Actually….I don’t want to face any problems yaar. I just want to live a comfortable life . What I
will get after UPSC or IPS? A post of Collector in UP or Bihar! Or a post of ACP in Gadchiroli! Why should I own the problems of whole city? I don’t want to solve their problems. I don’t
want to fight with criminals.
Then who will fight with criminals?
Well…I care a damm ! Let anyone do it.
And that’s the reason. Today’s youth cares a damm!
Second question, When I am working in a company & complaining about salary hikes, Why I am
not thinking to start my own business?
Well….I don’t have financial backup to start it.
Oh really….But what about that old man who met me in Jalandhar last year? He migrated from
Pakistan to India at the time of Partition. He had nothing in his hand. But he started his own
business. And today he is the owner of 6 companies in Jalandhar. What financial backup he
Well….He had no other option. He had nothing to lose. So he started it. Whereas, I am a well-
educated man. I working in a good company. I am getting good salary. I want to get married
soon. I want to book my own flat. Why should I lose all my savings in the business? And it’s very
difficult to run your own company. Who the hell wants to deal with that stuff yaar?
But if I start my own firm, I can give jobs to lot of needy people from my own city. It will in a
way help my country’s development?
Well…Why should I think about those needy people? I think about my own benefits only.
But Why I can’t see the benefits in doing my own business. Agreed…It’s a tough job. It needs
thorough knowledge. But then, when my education will help me? I surely have that intelligence
to gain that knowledge.
Boss…It’s not about intelligence. It needs lot of patience to make money out of business. I can’t
wait for that. I want salary at the end of every month. That’s it…..And it needs lot of courage to
invest your own money in business. I don’t have it.
that’s the answer…. Today’s youth doesn’t have patience & courage.
Third Question, When I am spending money in multiplexes or shopping malls on all wanted
things, Why not for a single time I think about poor people of my country? Well….I have already said , I care a damm! Is it my mistake that my country is poor? As a
responsible citizen I am paying all taxes to government. That’s all I can do. I am not earning for
Well…. no one has asked me to do charity. But do I realize that by just buying the unwanted
things, I am increasing the demand for that stuff unnecessarily? And which in a way responsible
for the increasing inflation in country.
Hey….Why should I think about all this? Just because someone can’t buy it, I should not buy it.
Is it making any sense? All my friends have it. I must have it.
But did I ever discuss with my friends about useful utilization of money? No… never . Actually in
my college days, I never had sufficient pocket money . So when I started earning, I started
spending as per my wish.
Accepted! But do I realize, that I owe something to this society ? I am proud of my education.
But apart from this degree & some knowledge, education has given some sensibility. Have I lost
all my sensibility?
Yes….I have lost it.
Here is the answer…. Today’s youth has lost their sensibility.
Fourth question…. When I am commenting on facebook about social issues, am I really aware
about the social problems in this country?
Offcourse I am! How many examples should I give? Recently, after this Delhi Rape case, it was
youth who marched on Rashtrapati Bhavan & all other places in country.
Yes Off course it was youth. I appreciate it. But do I realize that, the guys who were involved in
this crime were also the part of youth of our country? Yes….criminals are amongst us. They are
not coming from Mars or Jupiter.
Hey….I can’t control the thinking of whole world.
But can I atleast make myself aware about all this? Before commenting or criticizing the
government or giving some weird solution, can I atleast go to the root cause of the problem?
My god…. If I just go on finding the root causes , when these issues will get solved ?
Well…they are anyway not getting solved by my comments .
So should I stop making comments? No ….Actually I should stop my habit of making conclusions.
Here is the answer…..youth should seek for solutions rather than conclusions.
I am not proud in asking all this questions to myself. But atleast , I am proud that I am coming
across these questions these days. There are lot questions which are still unanswered. But I am
sure that, journey towards finding these answers will change me as a human being. Because
one thing I have noticed in my journey so far….. Truth lies within !

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